Mindelo Moving Market

The easiest way to buy & sell locally

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From sailors to sailors

Sell unused stuff easily
Sell items like charts, tools or items that you replaced to other sailors nearby;
Free up space and get rid of chunky items (e.g. spare sails, unused paddle boards, building materials...);
Feel free to even offer services to other sailors (e.g. repairs, welding,...).

Get what you need from sailors around you
Find great offers (e.g buy flags) from sailors in dinghy distance;
Check if a sailor can help you with something (e.g. stitching) or just find partners to trade books.

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Your market can move with you

If you sail to another marina or anchorage, all your offers will become available at the new location.
Market location: You can choose where your offers are located (no adress required)
Dinghy distance: Other sailors around you in dinghy or walking distance are able to see your offers

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Quick and easy direct contact

Get in contact with another sailor easily to discuss details or find each other quickly.

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